Sunday, February 05, 2006

At last!

Wow! It really has been a long, long time since I posted. I suppose I got a little wrapped up in the whole "life" thing.

Let's see, since last I posted I have been:

Run over by a wheel chair and asked for my phone number "to verify insurance information". *rolls eyes and laughs*

Asked if I was down with O.P.P. by a rather fat ugly man. *yawns*

Given a phone number on a napkin and told to keep it close to my crotch. I nearly slapped that guy. *taste of bile in my throat*

At least 3 times had someone "feel like they knew me" from across a room after 2 minutes of talking. *wonders about telepathy over sheer cheesiness*

I won't even try to count the number of times I have been knocked/bumped in to. *rolls eyes*


Tripped on my way to a restroom so a guy could start a convo with me. *laughs*

I have to admit, the whole dating thing seems to be a hazardous occupation. Run over, tripped, and knocked in to. It's a suprise I am not a walking bruise!

Updated information for my dedicated readers. *grins*

Current status: Single
Current dating status: Occupied but Available
Current happiness: Mellow
Current satisfaction: EXCELLENT!

Oh don't go crying babe, I am still single!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Violation or Required Information

So I go out with my ex-boyfriend PJ last night and he decides to stay over. Nice and all that, a woman needs some loving now and then.

I go to the gym and he hangs around while I am gone for a few hours. When I get back he is gone, my computer is on, and there is a message left for me in Word:

"You were logged into yahoo mail so I signed you out and sent a message to"

I'm like, "WTF!" The computer had been off when I left and why the hell is he sending messages to this particular person.

So I call his cell, he doesn't answer, but he calls me back like 20 minutes later wanting to know what I was calling for.

I go, "So what's this all about, sending messages to so-and-so and reading my emails?"

He responds, "I want to know the truth." Then hangs up on me.

TRUTH! What truth?! Let me get this straight.....I am suppose to tell him who I am dating, when I am dating them, and why I am dating them? What?! What am I suppose to tell someone who isn't my BOYFRIEND? I mean really, HE broke up with ME in November of last year. Last I checked I had no one to answer to in regards to my dating/love life.

Now don't get me wrong, sleeping with more then one guy at once is a little nasty, but that's not what I have going on. He is my "You busy?" not my "You second." I might be a little rusty on this whole dating/fuck buddy thing, but last I checked going through someone's emails and sending emails to people they talk to is a little nuts. I guess I could be wrong, someone correct me if I am.

*Proceeds to go through the 2 hour long process of changing all of her passwords.*

What a lot of trouble for a little nooky.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Date with a Tom

I love to glitter and shine. I must admit I am completely addicted to gems and jewels.

So it was tonight when I found that I had a date with an old friend and fellow journalist Tom that I had to dig out all of my most cherished rings.I had my rose ring given so long ago by my darling Tony, my diamond solitaire engagement ring bestowed upon me by my lovely Tracy, my gold and silver engraved heart ring used to propose to me by Brayden who is all of 6 years old, my simple band ring that was once the wedding ring of a dear friend, and the wedding band of my now ex-husband worn on the middle finger of my right hand. (No symbolism there huh.)

I of course had to doll up in the most appropriate fashions open toed leather heeled sandals, a brown baby doll strapless, and a gorgeous floor length skirt. I truly do love floor length skirts. I think I could live in them! I must say I looked truly amazing......*giggles*

Of course I haven't seen Tom in nearly 5 months so I was a bit nervous to be going out with him. All turned out well. We went to a very stylized local Mexican restraunt had a few drinks and some deliciously spicy food and a great deal of well served conversation.

The beauty of older men, they are actually schooled in how to converse.

After annoying the waitress by staying in her table far too long we journeyed on to a nice corner coffee shop where we met a rather neurotic though well versed painter named Mark. We engaged in yet more remarkable conversation and a great deal of laughter. At one point I nearly spit my double mocha latte out my nose in what would have been a rather unpleasant yet very comedic scene.

I had a dramatic moment where I lost Tracy's engagement ring and nearly died of a panic attack which resulted in me sifting through the trash bin of the women's restroom unfolding every piece of wadded paper towel. A rather disgusting job that only struck me as completely revolting once the panic of the lost ring had passed. Luckily it was safely balled in the towel I had previously used to dry my hands. Of course I had to examine 20 or so other towels before finding the treasure but the saying holds true, no pain no gain. I spent a good minute or two scrubbing my hands before placing the rings back on my fingers and exiting stage left. Remind me in the future to remove my rings before washing my hands in a public restroom. *resists the urge to vomit*

I drank far too much coffee and am suffering from caffeine overload and a horrid stomach ache. However, I had an absolutely fabulous time with Tom even if it was a "friends only" date. I would definitely have to rank it a 7 or 8 on the 1-10 scale, 10 being the best possible.

I lose one point for showing him my underwear unintentionally and then the followup comment that he liked them, blue is his favorite color, LOL. Another point was lost because of course it was friends only. Duh, you can't have a perfect date with a friend. I suppose I should dock another point for having to look all over the place for my lost ring and then abandoning him at the table to search the women's trash bin, LOL.

He was remarkably well behaved and the conversation seemed to flow without any awkwardness. I like when that happens. Too bad I am so commitedly challenged that I can't do more. I am sure he was kicking himself all the way home for dropping $100 on a girl who only gave him a hug good night.

I hope he isn't it would be nice to go out with him again some time relatively soon. Of course next time I hope he doesn't wear a black button up shirt tucked into blue jeans, but you can't blame a man for trying. I really do need to learn not to be so shallow. I swear I am doomed to eternal solitude by my pickiness. I can say he does look nice for a 39 year old man and he is truly charming. He has an adorable sense of humor and does hilarious impressions of nearly anything or anyone. I do find his reportes' on God rather amusing.

All in all I have to say that I had a truly fabulous night and am very glad that I asked him to coffee. Going on 'dates' with just friends is a very nice respite.